Rock View Beach Resort: A sweet escape for a seascape

Facing the vast West Philippine Sea, this spot in Pangasinan is a haven for landscape photographers with it’s naturally beautiful seascape.


Mt. Ulap: Of Cold Winds and Endless Trail

Oh yes, the marvelous Cordilleras! Where the weather is cool and pine trees are abundant. Serene. Panoramic. Worth to wander.

Ifugao: Pride of the Cordilleras

Ifugao, home of the 5  World Heritage sites inscribed by UNESCO more known as Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, is surely a great experience to every backpackers out there searching for both adventure and gaining cultural knowledge of our brothers from this mountainous region. The name Ifugao was derived from I-pugo (prefix “I” denoting people…

Bantayan Island: Simply Irresistible

An island North of Cebu with miles of white sand and crystal clear water. This is how the famous Boracay Island probably looks like in the 90’s.

Project Ice Cream Version 2: The Magalawa Island Fun Shoot

This project is the starter of my fun-shoot plans with my friends for this year and we are doing it one more time next month. Many of you might think why it’s already version 2? Why not start with version 1? What about Version 1? This is simply because everything as of the moment is…

Sky is the limit!

Summer is big deal to every Filipinos. This is the time when every beaches are busy like bees. When Tagaytay and Baguio City are flocked by almost everyone! A season when the sky is true-blue and vibrant colors are everywhere! So at the peak of summer, I had a fair-share of a colorful summer at the…