Rock View Beach Resort: A sweet escape for a seascape

Seascape and more seascapes! After waiting for summer to kick-off, I finally had a chance to visit this part of Bolinao once again and witness the splendor of the sea before sunrise and after sunset. Photographers and hobbyists alike have a soft spot with rock formations and the sea. If there is water, there will be movements. And if there are interesting structures, it will be a perfect combination for a perfect landscape shot.

Bolinao, the northern-most town in Pangasinan, is more or less 6-hours away from Dau Bus Terminal. It’s my 4th visit here and this time, I just want to purely relax with my travel partner Kristof. Our Victory Liner bus left Dau by past 6 and by lunch-time, we arrived in Bolinao and the resort’s tricycle driver fetched us on time. Roads to Patar improved through the years and I feel that the traveling time is now quicker. After passing the Balingasay River, you can start to have a great view of the blue waters of the West Philippine Sea. From this point, countless beach resorts are lined-up from affordable to expensive ones. There are also private resorts probably owned by wealthy families. Oh boy, living there is a dream-come-true for me.

The iconic  Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, one of the 5 main lighthouses in the country guiding ships cruising through the vast West Philippine Sea. It’s been there for almost a century.
Patar Beach, one of the main attraction of visiting Bolinao. Over a decade since I first visited the town, I think this beach is losing its charm. The landscape has changed a lot.
Rocky and golden brown sands plus a perfect blue sky and rhythmic waves are the resort’s pride.
Summer palette and a blogger pose. Like I told you, these bougainvilleas bring life.

After less than 30-minutes, we reached the resort. It’s clean and surprisingly not yet crowded for a weekend. I love the cacti and bougainvilleas in bloom as these add life of the resort. We pitched our tent near the concrete cottage a little far from where other visitors pinched their tents. The nipa huts are all occupied so does the family rooms.

We were just enjoying the company of others (birds, insects and other visitors) until we decided to go out and check the famous lighthouse and public beach. For first-timers, Bolinao has 3 falls, a number of cave pools and a sanctuary of giant clams (Tridacna Gigas) similar to that one in Camiguin Island. We returned at the resort after an hour because its the peak of the hot afternoon and just enjoyed a peaceful moment by the beach.

This place is also a perfect location for an engagement shoot.

And the moment we’ve been waiting for is here! The sun will kiss goodbye in a while and visitors are already hitting the beach in harmony. We did the same. Snapped some few shots alternately. From the other side of the resort, there are a couple having the engagement shoot at this panoramic spot and although I am only bringing my 50mm f1.8 Nikkor lens, I quickly took some shots and the tangerine afterglow is simply stunning!


I also tried a few shots for some long-exposure but it was already high-tide and the rich details of the tidal flat is barely visible. Not bad at all because I know the morning after will be another chance to see them.

Some 6-second exposure still made the rocky beach visible. Do you see the cuddling couple in the background? Love wins.
Tried a 13-second exposure and the waves are barely visible and becomes smoother.

After dinner, looking up the night sky will reveal billions of stars flickering continuously. I tried some test shots because the Milky Way will be visible after midnight. I was not hopeful at all since the weather forecast is cloudy. I thought, Lord will make magic and give me some miracles but I was wrong as stars are all hidden by clouds blanketing the horizon when I woke-up at 3AM. So I got a big fat zero for my effort of waking-up early. Nah, it’s part of photography as a hobby. For you to create compelling images, you need to put extra effort to it.

The cloudy part is the end tail of the Milky Way  (from constellation Crux located at the southern sky.)
Betelgeuse is also visible from the western sky.

I slept again and made sure my phone will alarm by 5AM so I can check the beach before sunrise and voila! It didn’t disappoint me. Not at all. The over-all experience at the resort was beyond expectation. The owners accommodated us with warm welcome and delivered our needs. It’s a place I can comeback in the future for sure.

Summer has come. What are you waiting for?

(Note: I am using my Nikon D90 and 2 helpful lenses. I use Nikkor 50mm 1.8D for portrait and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 PRO-DX II for landscape.)

Unearthly landscape with a hint of teal and orange.
Looks dried and dead but in fact, these are alive.
Dyesebel is missing.
Perfect for a selfie shot.
The golden hour’s striking color.
This boy really enjoyed his time at the beach.
I seldom do this, I tell you.
Guess who am I thinking?
The boy who enjoyed the beach.
Last glimpse of sunset.

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  1. Wow, the pictures are stunning, Van! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. artisticavan says:

      Thanks Bob. Nice to see you here.

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  2. Aaaahh, ang ganda ng Pilipinas. 💖


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